The message has been clear to all of us for a very long time. Desk work over long periods of time is both horrendous for our posture, shortens our life expectancy, and is detrimental to our focus. Many businesses have adopted the various trending apparatus, including sitting on stability balls, specialist lumber support chairs, and standing desks.

The Varidesk Pro Plus 36 is built with the intent on bridging that gap between your existing desk and a standing one. It is an out of the box, adjustable surface that rests securely on top of your own desk that is extendable to standing height. Requiring no assembly once unpacked, the only inconvenience would be it's substantial 23kg weight, and at a size of 914x990mm, moving it in to position may be a two person job. This also brings in to consideration the weight that your existing desk can carry. The Varidesk can comfortably carry a load up to 15kg, and when in place it feels stable and secure.

Build quality is robust. Spring assisted mechanisms allow a relatively effortless height adjustment, just applying pressure on two side grips, and with a gentle squeeze it glides upwards, and slightly towards your person. The Varidesk Pro Plus is available in other sizes, but for us the Pro Plus 36 offered plenty of space for a mouse, keyboard plus monitor(s,) with no  wire issues. The only point to watch perhaps, would be to take care on lowering the device back down from the standing position, to avoid trapping any stray items or cables you may have on the desk underneath it.

In terms of cost, the Varidesk Pro Plus 36 comes in at £350. It isn't cheap, but as an option to add to your existing desktop, that offers excellent build quality, free of any motors to disturb co-workers and facilitates a healthy flexible working environment, it's a very solid purchase.

Ian Westcott Online Editor New Business