Business is booming when it comes to the flexible office market. In Europe alone, this space has more than doubled in size over the last four years. But what is behind this recent shift in popularity?

"The way that businesses around the world operate has changed," explains Duffy,"People work remotely, companies scale up rapidly and needs change from project to project."

Duffy's global company offers businesses looking for flexible office space a comprehensive and informed overview of the market. His team will help you shortlist properties, bring you to viewings and even help you negotiate the final deal.

"Our business model is very simple, but it works really well. We give you all of the information, take you to the properties you're interested in and then you make the final call. If you don't like any of them, we can go back to the drawing board if that's what you choose to do.

The service is free of charge for businesses, but Click Offices charges the building management a fee if you take a space with them. "It works great for everyone, because we help you find the office that's right for you."

Click Offices is one of several players who have benefitted from the growing popularity of flexible office space. "We spotted this trend early, and decided to get on it," says Duffy. "We believe it's better for businesses in the short and long-term, and they do too. They get a flexible contract, the ability to scale up or down quickly, a central location and a high-quality space with all the facilities they need to operate effectively. What's not to love?"

Benefits of a flexible office space
Taking flexible office space means you can choose to go with a short-term rental. Standard leases run anywhere between five and ten years, which is not always realistic for businesses who can't predict how their needs might change.

It also means you can avoid all upfront set-up costs such as a hefty deposit, office fit-out and legal fees, as well as any potential penalties for changing your agreement further down the line.

Another advantage of flexible offices for many businesses is the simplicity they provide. Occupants typically pay a flat fee each month, with all utilities and facilities such as electricity, lighting, cleaning, and security included. This increases transparency and gives business owners one less item on their to do list.

In today's fast-moving economy, the ability to grow rapidly is integral. Similarly, if business takes a turn for the worst, it's not desirable to have to pay for empty desks or - worse still - an entirely empty property.

"Flexible office space allows you to grow your business as fast or slow as you're comfortable with," says Duffy. "For example, you can move into a premium London location you might not otherwise be able to afford with minimum fuss or delays. But, simultaneously, you also get the ability to be fluid, and move and grow your business however you see fit. That in itself is the very essence of modern business."