Currently leading the way for research and development, there are nearly 12 million Americans employed in this sector and there's still room to grow further with the tech industry accounting for $1.8 trillion according to Cyberstates.

The IT sector already offers a wide range of skills to utilise in your business - and the creation of 261,000 new roles in the last year shows how demand for skills in this sector is still strong.

The IT sector in the US is attracting big money, with $3.6 billion invested into IT research and development in 2017 alone.

With this in mind, European entrepreneurs are looking to the US to expand further and fulfill their potential and grow their business.

It's not only US companies investing in the sector but also foreign companies, highlighting the potential of the industry when it comes to those looking to expand from overseas. The US is a land of opportunity - and one many European entrepreneurs are taking.

Two key areas - where growth is at its largest - are cyber security and AI. Both areas are lucrative and offer lots of potential for existing companies and start-ups. It's perhaps no surprise to see that these areas are playing a crucial role since cyber security is key in protecting our ever-more-digital world, and AI is about forging the next phase of growth.

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