We know how that particular market moves and shakes and we are comfortable with it, of course, there is nothing wrong with that but it certainly does not hurt coming out of that comfort zone, which is normally property investment, but why don't you take a look at the bigger picture and see what makes other property markets in the world tick and this will give you a better knowledge of property investment for the future.

Different factors move different markets

It would seem to most property investors that markets throughout the globe are similar when in fact no two markets are the same. The markets move in different ways and for varying reasons.

What affects the property markets around the world?

  • Tourism
  • Specific employment markets
  • Infrastructure changes
  • Tax breaks
  • Growing business environment

Looking at the above reasons for movement within the property market, obviously not all are pertinent to one or two areas, let's look at London for instance, the financial capital of the world and a major player in the financial markets. London has seen a serious injection of investment into the capital which in turn has meant that property, have reached such a level that it is way beyond the remainder of the UK. Brexit and the confusion over in and out has caused concerns in the financial sectors to an extent, it is being suggested that companies may well relocate to other countries to maintain an EU presence.


One of the hardest hit property markets has been Spain, with its high level of unemployment in the youth sector and the fact it never really recovered from the 2008 mortgage crisis, it is now reeling from the Brexit result with many UK expats selling up as they don't know what will happen in the long run and others holding off buying for the same reason. This is more prevalent in the coastal areas of Spain, but nevertheless still has an impact on the Spanish property market as a whole.


Let's look at Australia; deemed as one of the strongest property markets for many years resulting from a very robust economy, however, this is based on the cities such as Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney who are the more prominent employment areas. This then results, it would appear of these property markets being seen similar to London as over-valued.

But of course, there will always be the demand for properties in these areas as they are the more populated and with the big employment market, the demand for housing is ever increasing. So, one might ask where is the correlation between housing markets in completely opposite areas of the world and how can they be compared?

Education, Education, Education

We all want to have knowledge when it comes to property investment and even if you have no intention of investing in areas outside of your comfort zone, it is good to look at other markets and use these comparisons when making your own investments, knowledge is good for us, learning how other markets work and then looking at your own particular markets, helps you make a constructive decision when investing. Remember, nothing stays the same, new factors in an ever-changing world means that no property market remains the same for too long a time.

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