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In fact, the architect and their team will be vital to help you make the most of your property and generate a healthy return. Below, we highlight the key purposes of the architect.


An architect is responsible for putting together a quality design whether you are looking to refurb a property or develop a block of flats. But the real skill is the ability to find potential given the existing state of a property or just a plain plot of land. Being able to pick out things like potential basements or extensions can easily increase the value of the property by up to 20%. There are other opportunities to add aesthetics such as a grand staircase, fireplace or wine cellar which can bring additional life and value to a property.

Planning Permission

Part of designing something exciting and appealing is also finding that balance with planning permission. Getting permission from your local council can be quite a lengthy process and very difficult too. Councils are very strict with planning regulations to protect local neighbours and to conserve the local area.

Very often, builders and developers are denied planning permission, in which case the architect has to rejig their proposal and make it more manageable. But appointing an experienced architect who will understand what the requirements are, will ensure your project gets underway as soon as possible.

Introduction to other partners

In addition to an architect, you also need other specialists such as surveyors, solicitors, builders and interior designers. To ensure a smooth process, your architect can also recommend good contractors, who they like to work with and will also provide a great finished product. This is because they would have likely worked together in the past and therefore you can ensure a good synergy and transitioning of the project.


A quality architect company will be able to provide accurate timescales for your build project. Whilst construction projects are notorious for running overdue, there is a knack in estimating the right timescale. In particular, you have to pay for contractors and potentially rent another property whilst construction is going on - so to manage your cash effectively and achieve your goals, an architect will be able to give you and your project a useful timeline to work to, enabling you to manage all aspects of it effectively.

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