On the other hand, though, sometimes small businesses require an experienced professional to fill a vacant position. Plain and simple, some jobs just call for a person with real-world experience and specialized knowledge. With that in mind, today we’ll explain how small and growing companies can attract and successfully recruit experienced pros. Check it out here:

Offer Substantial Pay & Benefits

One of the most obvious ways to get the attention of the most qualified and talented people in your industry is to offer substantial pay and benefits to senior staff members. Of course, only businesses that have the capital resources available can use this tactic. However, if your company has extra cash on hand, you may consider using it to turn a few heads on the job market.

Sell Opportunities

Many excellent professionals are currently stuck in entry-level or middle-management positions. While they may have the skills and the temperament to become successful business leaders, their current employer hasn’t given them a meaningful promotion yet. Unsurprisingly, many of these professionals are attracted to businesses that offer upward mobility and new opportunities. By selling candidates on the potential for growth, upstart businesses can draw the attention of capable employees.

Expand Your Search

Sometimes recruiters can suffer from tunnel vision when they start looking for an ideal candidate. This means that they may miss out on professionals who have worked in other industries, or who currently live in a different region. Don’t let these restrictions hold your search efforts back. Instead, embrace remote technologies and consider holding interviews in unorthodox ways or with unorthodox candidates. Thinking outside of the box can lead to very positive outcomes for recruiters.

Be Patient

If you want to hire the best and brightest in your field, you may have to wait for the chance to do so. Even interested candidates may not be able to apply for your job opening because of contractual or personal reasons. So businesses looking for experienced candidates should be prepared to play the long game. Waiting months to fill a vacant position can seem drastic, but it’s worth it to identify the perfect candidate. Make sure you also do a proper DBS check on the short listed applicants.


Whether your business manufactures complex equipment like 1000 µl pipette tips or you offer marketing services, hiring a talented and experienced professional can significantly improve your team’s productivity. Though business leaders may need to spend lots of time, money, and energy recruiting an experienced professional, the impact they can have for a growing organization can be enormous and positive.