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We take a look at ways in which you can find the most suitable candidates for your company.

Use the right methods

Whilst it is easy to place an job advertisement on one of the main job seeking sites, you risk receiving a huge influx of applications. Whilst having plenty of interest seems like a great thing if you are looking to hire someone for your business, it can end up being overwhelming if you receive many applications.

There is a way that you can get around this though by using more targeted methods to recruit candidates. Try using LinkedIn in order to individual target certain candidates with particular skills sets such as 3 years' experience or qualifications like the ACA or CFA.

You even have the opportunity to hand-pick them yourself by messaging them through InMail.

Recruitment specialists

Recruitment is big business and motivated recruitment agents are working hard for commission to help you find your next team player. You have different options available, whether this is using an in-house recruiter on a salary, a recruiter you have reached out to or a proper agency.

There are also other specialist agencies that have turned the recruitment idea on its head. Rather than making the individual more appealing for the company, there are firms like BrightPool that make the company more appealing for the individual. To really get the best quality staff, they may be attracted to a company that has good market awareness and branding perception.

Checking social media profiles

Whilst advertising on social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter or other social media sites can be a great way to find candidates that would be great for your company, it can also be an excellent way to vet candidates that put themselves forward for a role in your organisation. You can tell a lot about someone by how they carry themselves on social media, including interests, controversy of things that they post and photos too.

How committed are they?

The level of commitment an applicant has is an important factor when it comes to whether or not they are the right candidate for a position in your company. If you are trying to gauge just how serious they are, asking about their long-term ambitions at interview (or through an application question) can be a great way of deciphering this, as well as looking at their CV to see if they have a series of very short-term jobs. The combination of the two should be able to make it clearer how committed an applicant is.

Create an employee value proposition

A number of recruitment advisers have suggested that it is important to clearly market your employer value proposition in order to attract a better selection of candidates for your company. But what is meant by employer value proposition (EVP)? This is essentially your company's selling point. Whilst money will be an important factor for jobseekers, the potential of having a great work-life balance, as well as progression in the company will be crucial to the very best applicants. As a result, it is vital to clearly indicate your company's EVP in the job description.