However, the finance industry took a major blow and had a serious decrease in employment as well as all the others due to the latest economic fluctuation. Job seekers, new graduates and thousands of people who recently lost their jobs due to the pandemic are hungry for opportunities in the finance sector but there is not enough space for everyone.

In this article, you can find some tips for people who want to take a seat in the finance world.

Improve Yourself

A good education is always important but not enough to make a difference today. Nowadays, unfortunately, just a good academic education is not enough to get a postgraduate scholarship in a reputable educational institution, to work in a good finance house, progress in a business career, to make a difference and to be noticed in the institution. The business world wants to employ young people who take part in different areas of life, have broad horizons, are aware of themselves and are creative.

Professionals who do not have the goal of learning and specialising about themselves and their future professions cannot make the expected contributions to companies. Ambition shouldn't make you a boring, one-layered person. Improve your skills in many areas. Gain work experience in various sectors, start your own projects, take an active role in social responsibility projects, gain success in a sports branch or work in the activities of a club.

Learn More Languages

Foreign languages are essential. Even though speaking English is expected in the business world to be able to communicate readily with others, it will definitely not make you stand out. Knowing at least 2 world languages will highlight your CV as that of a preferential candidate  when being considered for work in global companies. Check which country dominates the sector you are interested in, who has or might have power in future or which company you want to work for, then you can take the steps to start learning a new language, appropriate for a potential new position.

Travel If You Can

You cannot separate business and finance industry from its globalisation. Reading about different markets will not be enough if you don't understand different mindsets and cultures. Therefore, it is essential to travel since it differentiates and enriches your outlook on life. Plus, in time you can have a better understanding of international competitors and finance companies and that may help you to take a better step in life just like in chess.

Have a Digital CV

Who uses the hard prints nowadays? If you are not looking for a job on yellow pages, you shouldn't also send only hard copies of your resume to possible employers. As we said before, you cannot get lazy in the finance industry, you must keep up with the modern times.

Digitize your resume and have different versions of designs and languages. Tailor the content for each position you are applying for. It's easier to work on your resume when it's online, you can check resume creation websites such as to try.

Do not include incomplete or misleading information on your resume. Write down all relative training, certification programs, internships and experiences as well as your responsibilities in the team. Candidates who come with  only the name and surname of your reference contact is not enough. Leave a number and email address, and never assume that employers wouldn't bother to call anyway.

Lastly, A CV should be easy to understand. It should be maximum 2 pages and prepared in a way that can highlight its different features and show that it has the qualifications sought for the position.

Follow Financial Press

Reading brings success in many cases. If you want to be aware of the latest movements in the industry, subscribe for some financial magazines and newspapers. Try to make reading at least two of them daily a habit. Meanwhile, you will add more terms to your jargon and impress the colleagues when you talk about EBITDA.

Find Out Which Branch Suits You the Best

There are several possible career paths in finance and yet not all are suitable for everyone. You should know yourself as well as the sector to take confident steps in the area of finance you choose. Learn about each of these categories first. Which one is closer to your skillset: Risk management or financial planning? Then dive deeper and discover the opportunities in each sector. Do you want to be a loan officer, financial analyst or investment counsellor.

With this decided, you can start educating yourself in that specific area of finance,to learn all the skills that the role will require.

Discover the New Face of Finance

Finance is evolving day by day like everything else in life. Financial Technologies (known as Fintech) is an emerging industry that uses technology to improve activities in finance and offers new avenues for finance enthusiasts in terms of big data mining, sound analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. This is an innovative fast moving sector with many opportunites for forward looking people. Consider improving your skills in this field and don't give up.