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Have you ever thought about running your business from a self-storage unit? It might never have crossed your mind, but it's something you really should consider.

An increasing number of small businesses and start-ups are being drawn to storage units rather than seeking traditional office spaces or working from home. Storage units are a cost-effective option with rigorous security in place. It's an incredibly flexible, secure option that really can benefit businesses of all types and sizes.

To show you just how many different types of businesses can utilise a self-storage unit workspace, I've put together this list of businesses that are more than ideal to run from a storage unit. Let's get started:


When not location shooting, a storage unit is a great base for videographers and photographers.

The space can be transformed into a studio with ease. It offers a permanent space for your equipment to be set-up, rather than constantly dismantling and reassembling in your home every time a visitor comes over.

The remaining space can be devoted to your editing work at your computer.

Often, videographers and photographers work irregular and anti-social hours. Storage units cater to all kinds of customers and usually have broad opening hours, with some even offering 24-hour access.

And you can be sure that the storage unit rental rate will be far less than an artsy studio in the hustle and bustle of the city!


You can run a repairs business without having to source an industrial workspace. Storage units can easily be converted into a fully-functioning workshop!

These workspaces offer lots of storage room for your important tools and protective gear, in addition to flexible room to actually carry out the repairs.

If you need a larger workspace when orders pile up, you can easily upgrade the size of your unit - just ask the storage facility management what they have available.

Online Sellers

Storage unit workspaces are ideal for online sellers, whether you're a small, personal Etsy store or a larger, higher-volume vendor.

Keeping all your stock and important files in the unit will help you to keep your personal and work life apart. You'll not need to worry about having a cluttered home or about the safety of your possessions.

The workspace can be divided into a section to take professional pictures of your products; a space to pack up orders, and an admin area to hook up a computer where you can access all your order/delivery information and print off postage stickers.

The flexibility to rent additional space when required is also a big pull factor for online retailers. At the times of year that your business experiences a significant increase in business, this helps ease the strain of having additional stock to deal with.

Thrift Shops

Second-hand sellers, whether it's of furniture, clothing, or books, are not restricted to sell online, at car boot sales, or in pop-up shops on the high street.

If you have a large inventory of second hand goods to shift, a storage unit can offer you a safe and budget-friendly space to run your own physical shop!

You can designate an area for a checkout and bring in rails or shelves to put all your wares on display for your eager customers.

Storage units are generally climate controlled which makes them ideal for keeping your goods in top condition for resale.


Most of the businesses on this list have been starkly rooted in the creative sector, so an accountancy firm is perhaps not one that would spring to your mind first!

A storage unit can easily act as a professional office space for accountants to work.

Meeting clients can be done with ease as most storage facilities have meeting spaces you can use, or you can use the opportunity to take your clients out for a coffee.

You can keep all your valuable documents organised too, and move excess archive paperwork to a separate storage space in the building if necessary.

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