If you're thinking of buying a franchise but are not sure you're heading in the right direction, this article will give you the assurance you need to take the next step.  Written in collaboration with F45 Training, here are five benefits of investing in a franchise business:

1.     The name recognition of the franchisor's brand

Franchise businesses are some of the most reputable brands in the world, which benefits all franchisees. Brands spend huge sums of money on their marketing and logos to build a name for themselves, and franchisees get to take full advantage of this. While your franchise may be newer, an established brand name assures customers that they can expect the same quality of products and services at all locations.

2.   Training and support

One of the great benefits of owning a franchise is that the franchise headquarters usually provides all the special training you need to ensure your franchise gets off the ground smoothly. This training includes everything from technology used in the business to the financial management procedures, which greatly increases your chances of succeeding.

3.   Advertising campaigns

Advertising is usually one of the biggest expenses for new businesses, as you can't get customers without effective advertising. Several of the most effective advertising channels are expensive, but franchisors usually include regional or national advertising campaigns in your franchise fee.

4.   Reputation

Another benefit of owning a franchise is that you get to enjoy the same protected reputation of the franchisor. Franchisors have designated legal departments that handle unavoidable issues like legal disputes and challenges with labour.  This is an incredible benefit that you would not have access to as a stand-alone business.

5.  Experience is not a requirement

Another advantage of buying a franchise is that you don't have to have experience in a particular industry. The training you receive from the franchisor ensures you are equipped with the skills you need to operate the franchise.

Investing in a franchise can be extremely beneficial, especially when compared to starting your own business from scratch. The success rate of the franchise you choose can be an indication of the success that your franchise location will enjoy. Remember, you should do your research to find a franchise that suits your personality and lifestyle