All businesses regularly review their processes and operations, to maximise efficiency and identify new revenue opportunities. But, once in place, organisations rarely reassess their telecoms. However, by taking a few simple measures it's possible to increase workflow efficiency, enhance customer relations and save money.

Here are ten tips to show you how to get the most from your business telecoms:

Use 08 numbers to improve marketing performance
0800 numbers can make a significant difference to a direct marketing campaign. With nothing to lose (literally) customers are more likely to make a speculative call to a freephone number - a call that can be converted into a new business opportunity. 0800 numbers also let people know that you value their custom, and are prepared to invest in your relationship.

Create a national presence with a single 0845 number
Customers often like the reassurance of dealing with a national company. Using a non-geographic 0845 number avoids associating your organisation with a specific area. 0845 numbers also stay with you, even if you relocate, and can be forwarded to any phone number, ensuring customers can reach you wherever you are.

Share your mobile minutes
An effective way to control your mobile call charges is to share minutes on the same business tariff with multiple handsets. This gives you the control and security of single, fixed monthly costs. Then, as your business grows, you can simply add additional minutes as required.

Store your key data online
Business data is one of your most valuable assets. Yet many organisations do not have a secure data back-up provision. Online data storage is now simple and affordable, eliminating the need for dedicated software - and saving you considerable expense and inconvenience if your data is lost.
An effective way to control your mobile call charges is to share minutes on the same business tariff with multiple handsets

Mobile broadbandAccess your business data and email anywhere
Employees are often away from the office, attending meetings or working from remote locations. With mobile dongles, allowing staff to action emails and get online on the move, time spent travelling and working remotely can still be productive.

Blackberry and PDA Business Phones
Blackberry handsets used to be reserved for senior members of staff. But now they are affordable for everyone. With push email your team can respond to clients instantly, no matter where they are - making your business more efficient and improving customer service.

Multiple lines across multiple premises
Multiple lines can make your business more efficient and help you to monitor call activity. Now it's possible to have dedicated lines for phones, fax and broadband within a single affordable package.

Broadband speed optimisation internal wiring and cabling
Optimum broadband speeds are essential for productivity, efficiency and customer service. Simply updating old wiring, removing excess cables and updating your BT master socket could double the speed of your broadband connection.

Contact employees for free
In many cases, the majority of business call costs come from calls to employees - both on mobile and landline. With the right business telecoms package, these costs can be eliminated completely.

Pay-as-you-go call conferencing
Call conferencing reduces the time and expense of travelling to meetings, and can enhance your customer service offering. Traditionally call conferencing has relied on proprietary systems, which wasn't always cost effective.

However, with new pay-as-you-go call conferencing, there is no initial outlay - you just dial in remotely and pay for what you use. This now makes call conferencing a viable option for any business.

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