Some of the UK's top school leaver employers were present including IBM, National Audit Office, Crowe Clark Whitehill, and Bank of England along with university advice sources Hot Courses and Student Hut.

Smith and Williamson and KPMG kept the students entertained throughout the day with presentations focusing on what skills employers are looking for, what schemes their companies offer and how to get hired at their respective companies.

The popular CV workshop was teeming with students who are more aware than ever of the importance of a well-done and professional-looking CV and who were eager to have professionals look over their CV and ensure that it is up to scratch.

Francesca Hall, Senior Marketing Manager at Milkround, says: "We are thrilled with the outcome of this two-day event, allowing 16-18 year old candidates to interact with their potential future employers and get a view of the range of opportunities that are available to them. Apprenticeship schemes in particular are currently very much on the rise and we are excited to be able to bring them to the attention of young people who are looking to begin their career."

Maddie Coutts, IBM UK Schools & Universities Attraction Co-ordinator, says: "There was a constant flow of students all day who were typically in year 12/13 which is ideal for our target audience. They were engaged and interested in hearing about our school leaver opportunities. It was also a good opportunity to talk to a few teachers, careers advisers and parents about why a school leaver scheme is so important today. There was a good mix of employers there from a variety of industries and overall the event was enjoyable to attend."

For more focus on school leavers please see the upcoming Milkround School Leavers supplement in The Times (published on 8th March). If you would like more information about this event or are interested in attending our next event on 22nd March please contact