In an era where the pace of change outstrips our ability to adapt, my journey from a corporate novice to a seasoned leader over three decades has been nothing short of a revelation. Having grown up in India and moving to London in 1997 for my first project abroad, I've lived the journey of cultural adaptation and professional evolution.

However, the world, as we know it, is morphing under the weight of the fourth industrial revolution-a seismic shift that challenges our very identity in the face of emerging digital, physical, and biological syntheses. The previous three industrial revolutions changed the way we were doing things but this one changes us!

The Evolution of Leadership

"In today's world, seeing through the unseen is not just an asset; it's a necessity."

Gone are the days when linear progression and predictable patterns defined our corporate and personal landscapes. Today, we stand at the precipice of a new dawn, where the ability to craft narratives amidst uncertainty is not just valued but vital. The reflexive ability and self-awareness to respond to any situation is becoming a key skill as the world is changing faster than ever before. This revolution is unlike any before, altering not merely our methods but our very makeup, compelling us to rethink leadership through the lens of consciousness.

The Consciouspreneur Defined

"Consciouspreneurs: Pioneers who navigate the future with a compass of inner truth and outer innovation."

My two-decade-long journey through the realms of technology, science, spirituality, religion, and leadership has led me to a singular, unifying concept: Consciousness. This realisation birthed the 'Consciouspreneur'-individuals who, driven by an inner enterprise, are destined to not just survive but thrive in the marathon of future uncertainties. These visionaries, rich in both mind and money, are productive and dynamic in their outer world, and peaceful and joyful in their Inner world. They bring alignment to human evolution and the digital revolution by understanding their own external and internal universe.

A New Paradigm: Purpose Meets Profit

"When purpose and passion align, profitability follows."

The consciouspreneur approach champions a groundbreaking paradigm where purpose coexists with profitability. This alignment not only fosters organisational unity but also propels businesses toward sustainable success. It's a testament to the power of leading with purpose, a beacon for those navigating the complexities of modern entrepreneurship. As the world gets smaller by the day thanks to technology, there will be larger variables and dynamics in the external world. The bottom line is that while the new age entrepreneurs can get ahead in sprints, the Consciouspreneurs are the ones who will win the marathon in the long run with their superior cultural and spiritual practices, and ecosystems that will make them truly holistic to face the unknown future ahead.

Elevating Your Leadership: The ABCD Framework

The world where we live today witnesses, the convergence of digital, physical, and biological systems, and the lines between being human and being tech savvy are blurring day by day. Therefore, embarking on the consciouspreneur journey demands more than just aspiration; it requires adherence to a structured approach that I speak about in my first book called ‘New York to NEW YOU' called the ABCD framework:


Prepare to perceive the imperceptible. Awareness is the bedrock upon which conscious decisions are made, enabling leaders to foresee and navigate the unpredictable with grace and acuity. Awareness exists in every human from birth. The key is ‘how to raise and strengthen the awareness level'. It's like a sport where, the more you practice, the better you get at it. Introspection & Imagination (I&I) and finger-wonder exercises can help one to heighten self-awareness.


Beyond its life-sustaining function, breathing is a conduit to clarity and calmness. It equips leaders with the mental clarity necessary for rational decision-making, enhancing both personal well-being and professional efficacy. Breathing is the only voluntary function that can alter and transform your involuntary, autonomic nervous system. Breathing exercises raise emotional endurance levels - and in turn, helps in rational decision making. Examples of breathing exercises include Four squared and Fourtify (to Calm down and Charge up our Autonomic Nervous system).


In the principle of Cause and Effect, Choice is the Cause. Empowered by awareness and a clear mind, making choices that resonate with your core values becomes second nature. These decisions, in turn, shape the trajectory of your leadership journey, steering both personal and professional realms toward a unified vision of success.


With consistency of Discipline, you strengthen ABC. The linchpin of transformation, discipline, ensures the journey from awareness to action is both intentional and consistent. It's about steadfastly adhering to your chosen path, even when faced with adversity.

The path to becoming a Consciouspreneur

"The path of the consciouspreneur is one of resilience, innovation, and profound fulfilment."

Adopting the mantle of a consciouspreneur is an invitation to a life of balance, purpose, and success. It's a commitment to a leadership style that values both the journey and the destination, ensuring that as we navigate the complexities of this new industrial revolution, we do so with our humanity intact and our spirits alight.

As we forge ahead, let us embrace the ABCD framework not just as a strategy for success, but as a blueprint for a life well-lived, in the boardroom and beyond.
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