Whether you are taking public transport or driving (or even biking or walking) Below are some ways of turning this negative thing into a positive.

1. Listening to podcasts

You can use this time for catching up on all the reading you have not been doing. Try an audiobook or podcast (on your car stereo or headphones). The time will fly while learning new stuff. You also get the chance of reading without having to use your eyes and hands.

2. Brainstorming solutions to your problems

This time can be used for troubleshooting and brainstorming at work or at home. Whether it's money problems that need a cash loan, or relationship problems - now is a good moment. This is a time when it is just you and your thoughts. Maybe the next big idea or answer might come when you are spacing out during your commute.

3. Practicing self care

Maybe this is the only "me" time you have in the week. You need to make yourself a priority and do something to help with your mental well-being. Gratitude journaling exercises are great. Another option is thinking about all the things that are going well in your life. Give meditation a try. Try deep breathing. Read something that you enjoy and tune the rest of the world out - as long as you don't miss your stop. This time can also be great for connecting with friends and family via phone or email (provided you are not the one driving). If the above doesn't work, then just try decompressing a bit and cutting your stress.

4. Leaving earlier so you can slow down

Giving yourself a little extra time is a good idea because it ensures you don't have to be in a rush trying to make it on time. When you know you have enough time, you have the luxury of doing things at your own pace, and you can linger a bit and grab a cup of coffee and smell the roses. Have time to do something like a sip of latte. You won't have to panic when you meet traffic on the way. Slowing things down is the perfect way of starting your day.

5. Checking in with your work progress

Maybe it is a daunting task to evaluate your progress weekly. If you are stuck in traffic or on a train, then you can use that time to do self-reviews and see if you met your goals for the day. You can then come up with a strategy to improve the next day. Most of your time should be used on working on top priorities and be careful not to waste your time focusing on the less important stuff.

6. Mixing up your route once in a while

If you have a long or annoying commute, consider a better workaround. Perhaps you can walk to work or even go via a bike or electric scooter. When you think outside the norm, you can get a brain boost, and you might find the commute to be a little more pleasant. Maybe there is another route that is longer but has fewer stops.

7. Discovering new music

Are you bored of your playlist because you keep listening to the same songs? Not sure of where you can get new songs? You can use your commute time to listen to new artists. If you have wi-fi when commuting, then consider a streaming station. Make a list of some bands you want to listen to at work then download the playlist on your phone. If you like a song, keep it, if not, delete it.