According to figures from the RAC Foundation, 6.7 million people in the UK travel to work by car, with 1.4 million of these taking a lift with someone else, travelling an average of 10 miles to their place of work. Combine this with figures from the Department of Transport which reveal that in 2016, over 25,000 people were seriously injured in reported car accidents, it is clear that the risks for business travellers are significant, so it is important to be prepared and know what you should do if the unfortunate does happen. Here are six simple steps to follow if do find yourself involved in a car accident.

  1. Check if anyone has been injured - The first thing to check following a car accident is whether any of the drivers or passengers have been injured. If anyone has been seriously hurt ring 999 immediately. Try and stay calm and once you are safe and ok to do so you can exit your vehicle and take down the other parties details, most importantly their full name and car registration number. If the accident is significant with cars seriously damaged or even blocking the path of other vehicles, the police will also need to be called.
  2. Don't ignore minor injuries - For any minor injuries, make sure to get medical advice shortly after the accident, either by booking an appointment at your usual doctors surgery or at a convenient walk-in centre. This is because some longer term injuries will not be present immediately and recording the incident and early symptoms will act as important medical evidence should you decide to make a car accident compensation claim in the future.
  3. Don't panic if the other driver flees - Many people worry that if the other driver doesn't stop or drives off, they won't be able to recover any of the losses or damage incurred. Stay calm, focus on your own wellbeing and that of your passengers and on getting back home safely. If the other driver fled the scene, you may be able to claim through the Motor Insurance Bureau.
  4. Record any expenses or losses incurred - Following the accident, it is important to record any expenses you have incurred due to the car accident. Many of us do not initially realise how many different costs can surface after an accident such as medical care, vehicle damage and even a loss of earnings if you are unable to work. This record of your expenses will make it much easier for you to claim these costs back.
  5. Seek Advice - There is plenty of advice and help available to you following a car accident. A free legal consultation from a legal firm specialising in car accident compensation claims will help you to identify if you have a case.
  6. Ask for help - It is important to acknowledge that victims of car accidents are affected in all different types of ways and no two injuries and personal circumstances are the same. If you feel considerably affected following the accident, either mentally or physically, there are plenty of road accident support charities available, such as Brake, to support you and provide professional advice. Do not feel you have to battle through alone and seek help as soon as you feel you may need support.