Frequently travelling with business can quickly become a chore, leaving the family for days or weeks and flying around the world to tight deadlines. The jet-setting excitement soon subsides, replaced by near-resentment of the flights, hotels and generic presentations you are forced to sit through. However, frequent flyers can benefit from the following loyalty schemes dedicated to making business travel more efficient, more comfortable and cheaper.

Hilton Hhonors

With thousands of hotels all around the world; it is likely the Hilton brand will be represented in your business travel destination. Realising the importance of the business travel market, the Hilton group have positioned many of their hotels close to airports and business districts - convenient for flight transfers and early morning presentations.

The Hilton Hhonors reward scheme rewards guests for staying in their hotels, giving them the opportunity to upgrade to improved suites for free. Members with enough points may even be able to stay completely free in the future.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

If your company has a history of renting small, uncomfortable, slow and ugly cars for your business travels, a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards card can help you upgrade to a bigger and better model for less. Alongside the free upgrades, the rewards scheme can also entitle members to faster reservations and rentals - because the last thing you want after a long flight is to stand in a slow-moving car rental queue.

Additionally, arriving in a more luxurious car can create a positive impression upon colleagues, clients and potential leads you are meeting for the first time.


Headed up by Lufthansa, PartnerPlusBenefit is a rewards scheme which offers benefits for business travellers aboard ten of the world's largest airlines including United Airlines, SWISS and more. Regular travellers can get access to a range of benefits including cut-price flights, free hotel stays and airport transfers.

The ten airlines in the scheme cover hundreds and hundreds of routes across countries in all continents - serving millions of passengers every year.

Starbucks Card

After a long flight, most business travellers will need a little pick-me-up before making presentations and attending meetings. Rather than settling for a watery airport coffee or additive-packed energy drink; a Starbucks Card can reward you for drinking a much-need frothy coffee. With more than 21,000 outlets in the world, it is highly likely that your destination will be close to a Starbucks to use your card, recharge your batteries and earn points.

Priority Pass

For business travellers who regularly travel with a range of different airlines all over the world - one specific rewards and loyalty scheme may not suffice. The Priority Pass is a third party loyalty card which can grant travellers access to luxury airport lounges all around the world. Helping you pass the time waiting for your flight time and endure any delays in relative comfort, the Priority Pass works in more than 400 cities and 120 countries throughout the world.

Access to lounges also gives business travellers the chance to complete last minute work on presentations and pitches before their flight - allowing you to sit back, relax and look forward to the landing.