Industries, especially the travel industry, have taken a hard beating with border closures, travel restrictions, and countrywide lockdowns. Airlines have tried to make back their losses as well as tourist destinations and hotels, but they're still struggling.

As restrictions ease and borders start to reopen to tourists and travellers, the act of travel looks quite a bit different than it did a year ago. Here are some tips on how you can safely travel while staying healthy during COVID-19.

Wear a Face Mask

It's one of the easiest and most preventable ways to travel safely during the pandemic. Wearing a face covering not only protects you from catching the virus, but it also keeps you from spreading it to your neighbors while sitting on a plane or in an airport.

Nowadays, face masks have become quite the fashion statement. While people have homemade masks to match every outfit or high-end fashionistas with designer labels, these masks have become both trendy and lifesaving. When sitting or standing in a crowd of people, make sure to wear your mask.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Before you leave the house to begin your travels, make sure you have a bottle of hand sanitizer with you. We were taught to wash our hands frequently as children, but somehow many of us forgot how to keep it in our routine as adults.

After touching common surfaces such as door handles or escalators, make sure to rub some hand sanitizer on. Also make a mental note to always wash your hands before you eat or do anything where your hands are near your face. This will help prevent you from catching the virus while out traveling.

Maintain Your Distance

You are probably sick of being told to social distance, but it's necessary during these times. When possible, try to stay 2 meters away from strangers. This is essential when lining up to board a plane or bus, standing in line for a tourist attraction, or eating out at a restaurant.

Eat Outdoors

It's believed that many people have caught the virus from eating at restaurants or being in enclosed spaces. While dining out during your travels, try to eat outside when possible. Sitting in the open air is the best option while traveling right now.

Consider Alternative Travel Options

Many of us are so used to booking a ticket and boarding a plane to our destination. Now we have to rethink our travel plans a bit to avoid being around too many people. While you can still catch a commercial flight, there is no guarantee you'll have an empty seat next to you.

So why not consider booking a private jet charter to Miami for your vacation ? Or instead of taking that crowded bus or train, make a long road trip out of your travels. There are always alternatives to choose from while traveling safely during the pandemic.