You're not a skinflint if you're looking for the best deals for your company, especially when it comes to air travel.

Every penny saved is a penny earned, and the more cash you can skimp on business travel the healthier your profit margins will be.

And where better to look for discounts than sites like Groupon?

To help you figure out what deals are out there, here are a few things you can search for. Who knows what discounts you might find!

First, a note - while we've only looked at Groupon for this article, there are many similar sites on the market. Hunt around to really find a bargain.

Discounts on parking

Using Luton Airport parking as an example, we found numerous deals that cut the cost of parking your car at an airport.

Luton Airport itself featured deals of up to 35 per cent off parking prices, and also offered specialist meet and greet valet services if you want to park at the terminal.

The deal we tracked down wasn't exclusive to Luton, either - it offered 29 other locations, so could apply to an airport near you.

Airport lounge memberships

VIP airport lounges are a businessperson's haven from the rabble of the airport, allowing you to check your emails and conduct meetings in peace.

But they can average £30 per journey - so let's look for a discount.

On searching the generic phrase ‘Airport lounge pass' we found one deal offering up to 50 per cent off standard airport lounge membership in multiple locations. Search yourself and see if you qualify.

Passport and document holders

Keeping your passport safe is vital, and keeping them together with your travel documents even more so.

We've found a number of passport and travel document holders at significant discounts on Groupon - sometimes as low as £3.

So if you're a worryguts when it comes to travelling, a discounted document holder is the perfect purchase.

Fine dining

Everyone could use some grub before they fly - and your favourite discount site could offer discounts on food in your local airport and the surrounding area.

We found, for example, fantastic discounts for the restaurant in Edinburgh Airport's Hilton Hotel, allowing you to tuck into a burger at a significantly reduced rate.

We hope these tips help you cut your bottom line easily when travelling.