The AA's recently launched Motoring Manifesto "Creating Confidence for Drivers", outlines a comprehensive strategy aimed at improving the confidence of drivers on the road. The document underscores the importance of safety, education, and infrastructure in fostering a secure and confident driving environment. By addressing key areas such as driver support, sustainability, road safety and the industry, the manifesto aims to create a holistic approach to motoring that benefits all road users.

Central to the manifesto is a focus on driver education and training. The AA proposes an overhaul of the existing driver education system to include more comprehensive training modules that cover advanced driving techniques, hazard perception, and eco-driving. The manifesto emphasises the need for continuous driver education, suggesting that regular refresher courses be beneficial for all drivers. This approach aims to ensure that drivers remain competent and confident throughout their driving lives.

Supporting Drivers

This part of the manifesto places a strong emphasis on keeping motoring costs manageable by advocating for a fuel duty freeze, better transparency in fuel pricing, and a reduction in the Insurance Premium Tax. These measures aim to alleviate the financial burden on drivers (especially for newly qualified drivers) and ensures that motoring remains affordable​. As vital for small businesses as it is for private drivers.

Sustainable Future

In this section of the manifesto, The AA calls for incentives and infrastructure to facilitate the transition to zero-emission vehicles. Key proposals include reducing VAT for on-street EV charging, explore creative approaches such as making use of street lamps to make charging more readily available for those without off-street parking, and ensuring comprehensive information and support for drivers considering the switch to

electric vehicles. This is in line with broader environmental goals and a push towards net-zero emissions by 2030​​. Building a robust infrastructure has an important role to play in giving businesses confidence to make the transition to EVs.

Smoother Journeys

Described as the "most important issue" for AA members, this part of the manifesto emphasises the need for an improved state of UK roads. Last year alone, the AA was called out to over 600,000 pothole related incidents - costing drivers around half a billion pounds in total. For businesses, having vehicles being repaired instead of on the road, can have a significant impact. In fact, 96% of drivers believe that fixing potholes is the main transport issue. Addressing this problem, the AA proposes more long-term funding of road maintenance through the use of the £8.3bn HS2 funds and to abolish ‘smart' motorways. 

Safer Roads

On average, five people are killed a day on UK roads, while 82 are seriously injured. Considering this, the AA believes road deaths should be higher up on the political agenda. Some of the AA's main requests are for road safety targets to be introduced on roads, ensure that all Government departments consider road safety as a priority, increase the number of traffic officers and campaign for a Graduated Driving License.

Strengthening the Industry

At the AA, we understand that the industry is constantly adapting to electrification and new technologies. That's why we believe that the industry needs to place more emphasis on providing the right skills and training for our new workforce, but also on providing options for school students who don't have the right study options available (such a mechanical study). 

Driving change

The AA Motoring Manifesto 2024 presents an approach to creating a safer and more confident driving environment. By focusing on driver education, vehicle maintenance, road safety, legislative support, and community engagement, we aim to build a comprehensive framework that addresses the challenges faced by modern drivers. Through these initiatives, the manifesto seeks to not only enhance the confidence of individual drivers but also improve the overall safety and efficiency of the road network for everyone.

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