Following on from the busiest day of our year on Monday 11th December, with 24,000 call-outs recorded, wintry conditions are forecast to prevail across the UK in the run-up to the festive period.

With company car drivers 49% more likely to be involved in an accident than ordinary drivers*, even in normal weather conditions, we urge fleet managers and business owners to prioritise the safety of their drivers during this cold spell via the following actions:

            * Assess if your fleet needs to be on the road in the first place during this chilly and potentially dangerous time

            * Consider rescheduling any long journeys to the areas most affected by colder weather, such as the north of the UK and Scotland, until after Christmas

            * Take the opportunity to recirculate your fleet health and safety road policy if you have one

            * If you don't have one, make sure drivers know what actions they need to take if they are unable to get into work

            * Urge drivers to carry emergency provisions with them, including chocolate bars, water, a torch and a shovel in case they break down in the snowy conditions.

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