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The next big thing?

If you're not moving forward in business, then you're going backwards. Admittedly, this is a cliché but like all clichés, there is truth in it.

Business has evolved considerably in the last decade, with new technology playing a large role in this change. Technology has enabled firms to fully embrace flexible and remote working, opened up doors to new markets due to the ease of communication and allowed firms to market for free through social networking sites.

Depending on whom you speak to, another milestone in the technological development of business launched this week: the iPad.

The new device - which Apple co-founder Steve Jobs claimed would eventually lead to the demise of the desktop pc - has seen unprecedented sales and demand is currently outstripping supply.

businesses must be aware of new technological developments

As the iPad is a smaller, more lightweight alternative to a traditional laptop it is more portable and so business owners may consider it for use on the move.

However, there are doubts about whether the device is a significant improvement on the iPhone to make it a worthwhile purchase for business owners.

Whether the iPad is worth the purchase or not is debatable - and there are a myriad of websites and articles on the web that will discuss this issue in infinitely more detail - but the point is that businesses must be aware of new technological developments. Microsoft will launch their HP tablet in an attempt to compete and other organisations won't stand still.

The iPad may not be the next must have item for businesses, but this will come along soon - firms must be aware of it and know how they will utilise it to their advantage.

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Post Date: June 4th, 2010