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Lost in the clouds

It seem's like in the past few years, everywhere you look in the world of business people are talking about cloud computing. Even your iPhone is now backed up to the cloud. Xbox 360 owners will be familiar with the option of storing their saved games to a cloud like system, enabling  them to load them in different locations. Well, sitting playing my Xbox over christmas, and realising after the service had gone down, that i had lost weeks of saved progress had once again called in to question my confidence in the cloud. 

If Microsoft couldn't perfect this, who could i trust exactly?

Whilst this is a different arena altogether to those who provide cloud based virtual desktops, it certainly made me think hard on how i would approach arranging remote desktop solutions for my own company. A lengthy outage, or loss of data is something i could not afford. In such an increasingly competitive market, where media outlets such as review sites can define public perception of your company, anything but a rock solid service and immediate customer service is simply not enough. 


I would be very interested in hearing your thought's and experiences with your cloud service. I will publish some of the responses in a forthcoming article.


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Post Date: January 2nd, 2013