Two brothers are on a mission to disrupt the inefficient and archaic elderly care system

Eureka moment
Our Eureka moment was deeply personal. We witnessed the inefficiencies of the care system first-hand as we were growing up. Our mum was the primary carer for our elderly grandma but struggled to balance this responsibility with being a mum of two mischievous young boys. Grandma Pam was desperate to stay in her own home but in-home agency support was inadequate and expensive. Our mum has always felt guilty that our grandma had to go into residential care, where her health and happiness deteriorated.


We started with the savings we had set aside for a deposit for our first home. We raised seed funding from a great set of angels, including the founders of Innocent Smoothie via their JamJar Fund, and have recently closed a growth round, with participation of over 300 "retail" investors via equity crowdfunding site Seedrs. This allowed us to give clients and carers the chance to invest in the business, as they are the heart and soul of SuperCarers.

We don't have any regrets but we have made a ton of mistakes! Fortunately, you have asked us about this in the next question!

What would you have changed?

With hindsight, we would have done a few things differently. After we raised our seed round, we would have hired three more developers straight away - we didn't appreciate how critical

collaboration was, particularly to developers. We would have hired our chief marketing officer sooner too, as we could have learnt quicker from our initial marketing spend.