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The Future of the workforce - Powered by Dell Small Business Advisers

How small businesses can meet the needs of their employees

Spaces that work for employees work for employers - Powered by Dell Small Business Advisers

You can gauge what a company is about and how they feel about their people by the design of their space.” – Christopher Coldoff, Principal at Gensler

Are "Short Fill" E-Liquids a Health Risk for Users?

Potential health risk for active vapers highlighted

Staff Safety – Are employers doing enough?

The latest statistics from RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations) reveal that 144 workers were killed in the UK during 2017/18

Part Time Work Vs Full Time Work

The benefits and pitfalls of both types of work are detailed below

The gender gap widens

By Hephzi Pemberton, founder of the Equality Group.

Cancer support specialists launch new guide for employers

The guide is available for free and provides bite-sized practical information developed by the team's advisers and specialist cancer nurses.

Dame Carol Black advises how to create a wellbeing culture in three new films produced by the British Safety Council

Recent research by the British Safety Council identified significant levels of uncertainty in the UK about wellbeing at work.

For better or worse - How to help ‘divorce-proof’ your business

Matrimonial consultant and family lawyer Sheela Mackintosh-Stewart shares her advice on how to ensure business survival in the event of a marriage breakdown

1 in 3 employees would rather take part in a Christmas activity than head to the pub

Not everyone wants to troop down the pub with their colleagues at Christmas

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