Diversity is being talked about more than ever, but neurodiversity is one important workplace quality that often gets overlooked. 

There are a number of misconceptions surrounding dyslexia, and while this neurological difference can come with its challenges, it also comes with a whole host of assets, too. From creative thinking to problem-solving, here are five reasons dyslexic people make brilliant employees: 

1.     They're innovative

Being dyslexic means you process information differently. Typically, education focuses on linear, reading-based methods of learning which are not beneficial to dyslexic students. However, being faced with this challenge from a young age (and in life generally) means dyslexics are highly imaginative and naturally innovative thinkers. They're used to reframing the challenges they face and thinking outside the box. As a result, they are often more innovative than the average employee and will come up with creative ideas that'd never usually cross your mind. 

2.     They're puzzle-solvers

Puzzles are not just for Christmas, but are actually a part of everyday life. Especially in work when we're faced with difficult problems, puzzle-solvers are an important asset to every work culture. Luckily for us, puzzle-solving is something that comes naturally to dyslexics as they are apt at analysing complex systems and seeing how they connect. Dyslexic people are also more likely to have better peripheral vision which means they're good at taking in the bigger picture and easily spotting themes and differences. 

3.     They have good reasoning

Being able to see the bigger picture also means dyslexics are great reasoners. While they may struggle with the finer details, when it comes to spotting patterns and using logic to predict outcomes they are pros. This is an awesome skill for an employee to have, and one that all the team can benefit from. Hiring a dyslexic employee will make reasoning your way out of even the most difficult of problems easier and more efficient than ever before. 

4.     They're determined

Many of the things neurotypical people take for granted - such as reading, writing and organisation - can present more of a challenge to those with dyslexia. While these things can be obstacles, you can bet that your dyslexic employees won't give up. Having come up against such challenges for most of their life, dyslexic people are exceptionally determined, and that determination can be felt in the working world too. Whether it's a project which requires persistence or an especially difficult task, your dyslexic employees will rise to meet the challenge every single time. 

5.     They're understanding

Dyslexic people are often highly understanding, empathetic and patient. Having needed extra support with different areas of learning, dyslexic employees understand that everyone has unique needs. They are also more likely to have a thorough understanding of what it feels like to be the odd one out. Needless to say, this is a great workplace quality - it means dyslexic employees make good, supportive leaders and are attentive team members, too. 

Pair this with their knack for problem-solving and determination and you have an employee who is a great team player - both happy to support others and unlikely to give up when the going gets tough. 

Neurodiversity in the workplace is beneficial for everyone. Put aside your misconceptions and keep an eye out for dyslexic employees - they may just bring the enriching creative ideas and outside-the-box thinking your company needs to keep on succeeding. 

Written by Chris Griffiths with Caragh Medlicott. Chris is a world-leading creativity expert and founder of assistive tech & Mind Mapping tool Ayoa.com