Following the liquidation of construction giant, Carillion, Qdos Contractor has urged the Government and the parties involved to protect the countless independent contractors working on projects for the UK's second largest construction firm.

In the UK, 20,000 people work for Carillion, and leading tax adviser, Qdos Contractor, is calling on the Government, along with Carillion's liquidators to consider the livelihoods of independent contractors engaged directly and indirectly by the company.

Seb Maley, Qdos Contractor CEO, commented:

"Each party in Carillion's supply chain will be impacted hugely by its liquidation. So needless to say, this is a hugely worrying time for all independent contractors engaged by the company and its subcontractors.

"Much of the attention so far has been focused on the threat this puts Carillion's permanent employees under. But without the safety of employment rights, every independent contractor engaged by Carillion - or through any of its sub-contractor companies - will be fearing for their livelihoods too."

"Together, contractors contribute over £119bn to the economy each year. Amid the confusion and uncertainty, the Government and Carillion's liquidators must consider the wider impact that simply cutting ties with its independent contractors would have on UK contracting.