Ad Agency Head Emma Wallin, looked out her office window and realised that it might be this summer's warmest and sunniest day so far, so she urged her team to take advantage of it and gave them the afternoon off - with full pay. Her post of the matter on LinkedIn rapidly gained huge interest receiving over 45.000 views and 450 "likes" from all over the world.

With the overwhelming response she received, Emma understood she might be on to something. She followed through by putting forward her proposition to the executive management, who all agreed. So now employees at The Store in Sweden can enjoy an additional three days of fully paid vacation on sunny days. Warm or cold doesn't matter, as long as the sun is shining. There is only one condition - they have to spend most of the day outside.

Vitamin D is crucial to activating our immune defences. As a talent depending business, Emma says, we are obliged to do our outmost to support and motivate our employees to deliver even greater value to our clients. By getting these extra days of sunshine, on an ad-hoc basis, we give our talented staff a well-deserved and spontaneous injection of sun that benefits their wellbeing.

This resulted in interesting dialogues with both employers and employees from all over the world. It strengthened me in my conviction and inspired me to develop this thought into a well-thought-out plan.

"That's the power of international professional networking", says Emma.

The post read "In Sweden, we have very few sunny days (mostly it is cloudy, rainy, cold or everything at the same time). So, when the US have "snow days" - when people do not go to work, school et cetera - I am thinking of introducing SUN-DAYS. When we FINALLY have a sunny day in Sweden, my employees should be able to have a day off and enjoy the sun and boost vitamin D. That is why I just told everyone to go home and enjoy the rest of this fantastic SUN-DAY!"