Ever had a team member that you couldn't connect to? Had someone who you just kept clashing with for seemingly no reason? Been in meetings where it just felt like you were speaking different languages? 

It's not uncommon to find yourself lost at sea when it comes to people management - so many of us end up in management or leadership roles because we were good at our jobs, and then - shock horror - discover that we are not quite the guru of managing and motivating others that we thought we were. 

I've used many a tool to support both my own development and others over the years, (with varying degrees of success I might add!) but the one I've found that really sticks with people and delivers instant impact is Insights Discovery.

Insights uses the language of colour to identify your individual psychometric profile based on Introversion and Extraversion  (where we get our energy from). Thinking and Feeling (how we make decisions) and Sensation and Intuition (how we see the world).

It's this combination of personality traits that links to colour energies and enables us to understand our teams and ourselves better. 

I bet we can all identify that one person we know who is competitive, demanding and strong willed, right?! In Insights-speak we call this the Fiery Red energy: the one that gets things done - fast! To best communicate with someone who leads with this, you need to be bright, brief and gone!

Or take the Cool Blue energy: that person who is cautious, deliberate, questioning and LOVES a bit of detail - the one who does things right! To best land your comms with someone who leads with this, you need to give them all the detail, and plenty of time to digest it!

Then we've got the caring, encouraging, sharing, patient and relaxed Earth Green energy - the one who likes to maintain harmony and relationships - the heart of the team. To communicate when someone leads with Earth Green energy, you'll need to show them you care - take them for a coffee shop one to one, rather than the stuffy office - remember key things about them as a person and say thank you sincerely. 

Our final colour energy is the Sunshine Yellow energy - that flamboyant, sociable, dynamic and enthusiastic team member who is into everything and works with 25 tabs open ALL. THE. TIME! To communicate with someone who leads with this energy you'll want to be sure to involve them, and let them share their ideas: prepare for a good chat! 

And for those of you still in the Halloween mood - each colour energy also has a dark side - those bad day behaviours that peek through the mask when we're not thinking about how we're behaving - and another great way to spot out what's going on for your team.

As well as awesome training for businesses, People Sorted also offer training for HR professionals at all levels from entry level to Directors, and firmly believe that HR can change the world if you let it!

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