Being aware of current trends and finding the best ways to implement them into your business will help improve customer experience and keep your brand and product at the top of your customer’s minds.

When experimenting with online selling trends, it is important to ensure that every change made is geared towards making things better and easier for your customers.

They are your top priority so if it does not help them in any way, it is best to forget about it.

With that in mind, let’s talk about some of the major e-commerce trends every online seller should know about.

Social shopping

This e-commerce trend is one in which shoppers’ friends are fully involved in the shopping experience. Customers use social networking services to share their purchases, deals, wish lists etc. The intention is to recreate the social interactions usually found in brick and mortar stores and malls.

Platforms following this trend, offer social shopping network options to customers who can become members of a shopping community where they can shop online with their friends, share interests, product recommendations, get reliable reviews from their network, share their preferred products, purchase experiences etc. Websites like are a good example of the social shopping trend.

Personalised shopping experiences

Giving customers a personalised shopping experience via personalisation technology is the current trend for successful e-commerce companies. This is done by showing dynamic content, personalised product recommendations and offers based on a customer’s browsing behaviour, personal data and purchase history.

The core of this technology is data collection. Basically, you take all the personal information a customer inputs and use that data to create a unique, personalised experience for them.

Again, when looking for an e-commerce seller central UK following this trend, you can expect to find platforms that are fully committed to offering personal and fully customised shopping experiences, that connect people and help them find, buy and express whatever they might want to about shopping.

3D/Interactive product visuals

Another unique way to enhance user experience in online selling is through interactive or 3D product images. Gone are the days of static, boring product images. E-commerce brands now offer shoppers a 3D, all-round visual of products, helping them have a better sense of what they are buying. This helps cancel out doubt for the customer and increase sales conversions for the seller.

Unlike in physical stores where a customer can touch, feel and even smell a product before making a buying decision, online selling is restricted to only what the customer can see on their screen. Offering a 3D, interactive visual of products can help reduce the high rate of returns.

While it is true that online selling trends come and go, it is vital that every e-commerce business pays attention to and implements those trends that have a noticeable impact on customer experience and sales conversions.