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Consent and the GDPR – the new swear words?

By Rowenna Fielding Data Protection Lead Protecture

GDPR Deadline Friday May 25th

In the last two years, businesses of all shapes and sizes have been, or should have been, preparing for the new rules coming into force this Friday, May 25th

VPN in the UK: to Have or Not to Have

What do you know about cyber security? And what do you know about cyber security in your country?

Cloud Computing: How to Get Better, Faster and Cheaper

By Gabriel Lopez, Program Manager - Global Service Quality, DellEMC

GDPR Countdown

The following 12 step guide to GDPR from the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) explains the provisions of the GDPR

Transparency is the key to making more consumers happy with data sharing

In the run-up to GDPR, new research from the DMA and Acxiom shows that people are increasing happy about the data they share

Six tech trends you need to know about in 2018

From Yemi Olagbaiye, Head of Client Services at software developers and digital engineers, Softwire

UK SME workers most likely in Europe to blow whistle on bad business practice

Survey finds that while UK workers are most likely to report malpractice, they are also the most likely to want a reward

Over half of UK SMEs still unfamiliar with the GDPR – less than a year until its introduction

Organisations must not ignore the GDPR. Action needsto be taken now to minimise the risk of breaches

UK organisations struggling to meet transforming customer expectations

UK organisations face an unprecedented challenge in delivering quality customer services.

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