This covers the way companies store their data. For many people this would encompass client addresses, bank or credit card details and possibly personal identification information, passport or driving licence data. All of which should be kept securely.

New Business is subject to these rules like all publishers, so let me just clarify what information we have and what we do with it.


The regular weekly New Business Enewsletter and quarterly digital edition of New Business magazine, can only be received by readers, who have signed up to receive it and we were one of the first to reach our clients this way, over twelve years ago and we have had a substantial online presence for over 17 years. We do not store bank details, passwords, encrypted or otherwise and have your email address only. For hard copy subscribers we do of course have their addresses to send the magazine to, though no financial data.


There is a very straightforward unsubscribe process at the bottom of each Enewsletter that tens of thousands of our readers have chosen not to use we are pleased to say. For those staying with us beyond May 25th and you can unsubscribe anytime of course, you will receive the digital edition of the Summer issue of New Business in the very near future at no cost. It will also be available on Apps at no charge also, on both Apple and Android platforms as usual and you will continue to receive this weekly communication.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Chris Westcott


New Business