In a business environment where work forces are becoming increasingly mobile, it is of equal importance that the tools with which we operate possess the flexibility and features allow us to undertake our day to day tasks with confidence.

So with that in mind, our first mobile business device under the spotlight is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Aesthetically the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a beautifully crafted Tablet, unlike many bulkier slates on the market it is light and thin. The thickness of the tablet comes in at 8.6mm, making it slimmer than the iPad 2. The build quality is excellent and exudes class, and strikes a good size and weight balance that makes it comfortable to operate on in the instance of a long haul flight or train journey.

Running on the Android Honeycomb operating system, the device offers an expansive range of customisation options, making it easy for you to personalise and streamline your range of tools and utilities. Those familiar with Android from other handheld devices will welcome the return of widgets, now being able to resize them completely. This system allows every screen that you scroll through to be set up with a totally different appearance, and potentially a totally different range of functions in mind.

In terms of hardware, as expected from any mobile device now, a camera is featured on the rear. At 3 megapixels, it may not be a revolution but the rear camera is more than capable of producing as good a quality of imaging as many would ask from a tablet device. In addition to this there is now a 2 megapixel front facing camera, which is easy to use. The in-built camera software is packed with a wealth of features out of the box, with panoramic tools, and the ability to take action shots.

 Galaxy Tab side/rear(Mouse Over Image to see alternate view.)

When reviewing such products, a key consideration for us at New Business has always been battery life. It is one thing to have a flexible , high quality device that is packed with tools and features, but entirely another to be able to operate on it throughout the day, without that anxious feeling that you are simply not going to make it to the end of the project you are working on without that dreaded inevitable blackout. With that in mind, the tablet was put through its paces with a day of heavy use, using both wi-fi and 3G connections; in addition to watching high quality video, and a variety of work related utilities and apps, the Galaxy 10.1 lasted just in excess of an impressive 8.5 hours.

Specification wise the Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 includes most of the key features you would expect to see from many other leading Android tabs. Wi-fi connectivity, Bluetooth and GPS are all present as expected. The screen runs at a sharp 1290x800, boasting vibrant colours from its super AMOLED display, and with the Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor, operations are executed fluidly, with even the more demanding apps showing little to no signs of delay. Adobe Flash player runs on this tablet as expected, but must be downloaded.


If you are an enthusiast for Android devices, or are just looking for something lightweight and portable with the power to run multiple tasks over an extended period without heavily compromising on battery life, the Galaxy 10.1 is a justifiable purchase. With its sleek design, market leading specifications and flexibility, it is a sound choice as a device for business.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is available at . Priced at £190.83 on a 24 month Pay Monthly plan.

 Ian Westcott