They mend Apple iPhones and tablets with excellent efficient and quick service.

Smartphones and tablets are not cheap and despite reassuring phrases like Gorilla and strengthened glass, they break. The saddest accident I have experienced personally is bending to pick up an iPad and my phone dropped out of my shirt pocket onto my iPad and they both smashed in varying degrees, leaving mental scars that will never truly go away.

The phone wasn't totalled but the iPad looked bad enough to be put away in a box labelled bad experiences, where it joined a pal, victim of a heavy handed sports bag incident.

I had heard about iMend but thought they specialised in iPhones but no, they mend iPads if the damage isn't terminal, so after an email exchange, we shipped both iPads off to the iMend  hospital, for their qualified technicians to attempt to breathe life back in them, which they did in double quick time.

There was a good level of communication, so I knew that my iPads had arrived, were on the operating table so to speak, and when I could expect them back, with a quick turnaround promised and fulfilled. Of ourse, in both instances, we had already replaced the kit, essential to the working day at the time, so we wasted more money than we care to mention, instead of having a little patience and talking to iMend earlier but that's life. They now have a value significantly higher than the repair cost and the zero value they had before, languishing in the tech box of death.

 As quick as this double repair was, if I had been looking to have an iPhone repaired, I could have got an online or telephonic quote and they would have sent someone to my locality, home or workplace, to fix it on the spot. Prices are quoted ahead of the mend, so the choice is yours as to whether to go ahead and they estimate a typical fix will take 30 minutes, with their technicians covering the UK.

Business phones are not a luxury they are the gateway to your business, so reducing the downtime that comes with having to replace a dropped phone and porting the data over to a new one, will ultimately be good money spent and a fraction of the cost of a new one.

They do mend other phones but their speciality is the Apple iPhone range.