Unfortunately, technology hasn't quite figured out time travel, but three experts have provided us with the closest thing as they look into the emerging trends today and the technologies that they see impacting on our businesses in 2019. From Blockchain, to Augmented Reality, to Artificial Intelligence - the emerging technologies of today are all set to shape your sector in 2019, but will you be ready to respond?

Professor Steven van Belleghem is an expert on customer focus in the digital world

There are three key customer benefits that will shape the expectations of the consumer in the coming years: faster-than-real-time service; hyper-personalisation; and convenient, intuitive user interfaces. These three things will all become important factors in the success of any company if they are going to meet raising customer expectations.

As we see technologies like artificial intelligence developing, the biggest challenge (and opportunity) will be utilising them to create a customer experience that really does make people's lives easier. The rise in popularity of the Amazon Echo is a great example of this, creating an interface that is intuitive and convenient for the customer - convenience is the new loyalty, so companies should keep that in mind.

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Jonathan MacDonald , international speaker on managing perpetual change and founder of the Thought Expansion Network,

In the near future I see mass adoption of two distinct types of technology. One type that provides radical transparency, like distributed ledger technology that we find with Blockchain, and the other that provides infinite versions of the truth, like Augmented and Virtual Reality. In between these types will sit Artificial Intelligence, merging both worlds and creating new languages.

This future context will produce entirely new marketplaces and business models, but also require a re-configuration of how we educate, lead and live. I predict the central component will be trust, based on objective and subjective versions of truth... And the people and organisations who win will be those that enable personal growth and happiness in the minefield of privacy and control.

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Jacob Beckett is the founder of Vitamin London, a digital innovation studio  

Much like death and taxes, you can never quite insure against the future - therefore you need to be extra vigilant. You may not be able to see into the future, but you can be aware of the present. Twitter and medium have to be your best friends. They will keep you up to date with everyone about your immediate market. If you aren't looking around your immediate environment and to what competitors in similar fields are doing you risk being left behind - to see the future you need to look around you now and being prepared to respond to what you see.

The obvious technologies to watch out for in the future is AI and Blockchain. It may be passé to talk about them, but they are the new foundations which every new business and technology should be considering. With these new technologies if you aren't planning for them now, to integrate them into your product and business from the start you risk falling behind in the future. In the future Blockchain will exist in the backend of most products, for example when building an app of iOS we will all just be working on the application layer above Blockchain to some extent.

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