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Editor's Blog

  • 2nd January 2013
    It seem's like in the past few years, everywhere you look in the world of business people are talking about cloud computing
  • 20th August 2012
    I have just recieved my review model of the Samsung Galaxy S3, with a view to examining the device as a business phone. Review will be up early next week. Looking forward to exploring the new features of a potential "iPhone killer".
  • 13th July 2012
    The summer is here, but I certainly would not blame you if you had not noticed it. At a time like this it is important to give yourself a deserved break. Starting a business can be a timing, pressure based pursuit that can take it all out of even the most resilient entrepreneur, but is a weeks break really so disruptive.
  • 2nd July 2012
    Currently reading the latest Richard Branson book entitled "Like a Virgin". It is an enjoyable read that focuses on his business ethos, taking examples from the early days of Virgin, as well as fielding questions from entrepreneurs the world over. See Entrepreneurs section for full review
  • 29th June 2012
    Iphone users will now be able to access Google's Chrome browser from the App Store with immediate effect. This will be good news for any users familiar with Google's cross device synchronicity, supporting linked browser history. passwords, tabs and settings across multiple devices.
  • 7th March 2012
    ipad 3
    The anticipated announcement of a new Apple product takes place in San Francisco today (6pm UK time). Many are speculating that the device will be launched alongside a new Apple TV. Whatever the result we anticipate huge News for the tech industries. How will it affect small business, if at all?
  • 27th July 2011
    Google + users are now required to use real names only as their account usernames on the rapidly expanding social network site.
  • 20th July 2011
    Anyone else been scared rigid by scenes of mountains of computers being hacked apart for revenue in African townships ? Computers that were originally disposed of at athorised council tipping centres? As a company keeping up todate with fast moving technology and having to update your workforce's kit regularly just to function, be careful how you do it. Valuable details gleaned from hard drives are sold on and can bite you badly. Have a look at where they deal with the security side, they recyle in a totally responsible fashion and there may be value in the items you are disposing a win win all the way around
  • 8th July 2011
    As someone with a Virgin flight getting ever closer, it is nice to see that common sense has prevailed and the strike has been resolved. I always love to think of the pilot sitting up front with no worries or cares troubling him, or her, other than my safe arrival, when in actuality they are probably planning the evening's entertainment on autopilot. Air traffic controllers though, who love a good strike threat, are probably just on the very edge of sanity so they should be dealt with as carefully as you might in a hostage situation, which is what Joe public usually is.
  • 4th July 2011
    It appears that Japan has located Rare Earth deposits in the Pacific Ocean, somewhere in the region of 100 billion tons, threatening China's monopoly on this commodity. Does that mean the stuff needs to be renamed?