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Outsourcing to keep start up costs low

For the past couple of weeks i have found myself on and off The website allows firms or individuals to post projects online , specifying the project details and amount offered for completion. It works on a feedback based system that allows freelancers to grow a reputation based on the quality of their work.

 In the current climate, with so many jobless; a site such as freelancer is a breathe of fresh air. Talented individuals can secure a form of income, whilst start-ups with low capital can benefit from the ability to post their projects at their own cost level. 


Are you in the process of getting your business off the ground? Perhaps you need a website, or a skilled digital artist to turn your branding idea's in to reality at a cost that works for you.


Post a trial project free of charge using the voucher code NEWBIZ 

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Post Date: February 17th, 2011