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Since the introduction of Big Data, companies are working extensively towards building better understanding about the customers' preferences and behaviour.

With robust AI powered tools, enterprises are now finally able to utilize the heaps of data by developing useful patterns and finding successful courses of action.

As more players are further advancing their expertise in AI and Big Data, the technology has found applications in all business database domains. From CRM to chatbots, all the enterprise systems are being driven by data centric artificial intelligence systems.

How is Artificial Intelligence Helping?

AI in Marketing Activities

Marketing is all about understanding your customers. An effective marketing campaign is developed as per the preferences and behaviour of the target audience. While marketers relied on minimalistic data for their inferences, Big Data and AI have changed the landscape of marketing completely. These days, there are smart tools available for making marketing a more personalised and targeted activity. The machine learning algorithms run by AI platforms allow companies to have a deeper understanding of the customers and other stakeholders. It is easier than even to integrate the marketing and CRM activities, personalise and automate email marketing campaigns, and so much more.

AI in Customer Relationship Management

These days, many CRM and sales platforms are extensively working towards capitalizing the power of artificial intelligence. By integrating AI in business database, a company can reduce the activity lead time significantly. Tools like Einstein help the sales team collect data from various fronts and process them to gather relevant information about the sales approach. Such tools also offer suggestions based on customer response history or usage preferences, which helps deliver a more compelling pitch and ensuring sales.

AI in Customer Engagement

Ever since the customer engagement and chat systems were taken online, companies have been trying to resolve grievances and queries with minimum human capital investment, The introduction of AI driven chat bots and customer engagement tools has made this dream a soon-to-be-reality.

While we are still far away from having human like intelligent systems who can drive a conversation, the AI based chat bots are becoming smarter every day. These systems can identify customer problems based on pre-fed algorithms, and even record and use the conversation in future interactions. These Ai assistants not only bring down the cost of customer engagement, they also free up the human resource for more critical and growth activities.

Pioneering Technology for an Advanced AI Infrastructure

While we are still miles away from the human-like synthetic intelligence, the current AI systems' effectiveness is astonishing. Some of the leading technology enterprises are continuously evolving their platforms to provide better solutions in artificial intelligence. IBM, one of the pioneering enterprises in artificial intelligence solutions, has recently launched IBM Power System. Designed as a versatile powerhouse for cognitive workloads, this AI tool is said to offer deep learning insights, real time fault detection, and risk analysis.

Some of the features which make IBM Power System a new and improved breed of AI tools are:

4X Faster Processing

The tools driven by this new powerhouse offer four times faster processing, delivering more threads per core as against commodity infrastructure. This also enables more users on the platform, and faster run time of concurrent queries in parallel.

4X Higher Memory Bandwidth

Along with faster processing, the platform enables users to access four times more memory space. The access to up to 1 TB of memory for various data operations enhances the levels of performance in real time.

Faster Input/Output

In order to facilitate the increased processing and memory bandwidth, the new IBM Power Systems deliver faster input / output (I/O). This allows the system to ingest, move and access large volumes of data faster, making analytics results available to the user in no time.